Nail Care

Nail ServicePricing
Basic Manicure$10
Spa Manicure$15
French Manicure$15
Spa French Manicure$20
Basic Pedicure$15
Spa Pedicure$15
Hot Stone Pedicure$25
Add French Lacquer to any pedicure$5
Axxium Gel Lacquer$15
OPI Acrylic Nails$20
OPI Acrylic Nails Fills$15
OPI Acrylic Pink & White$22
OPI Acrylic Pink & White Fills$18
OPI Axxium Gel Nails$20
OPI Axxium Gel Nails Fills$15
OPI Axxium Gel Pink & White$22
OPI Axxium Gel Pink & White Fills$18
OPI Micro Wrap Nails$25
Nail Repair (Per Nail)$3
Removal of Artificial Nails$15